WBO Final Communication

It’s nearly Hi-Tec Walker Bay Outdoor time. We are so excited and can’t wait. However, we have had some last-minute curveballs we have had to deal with.

Good news, it’s got nothing to do with the weekend, the fact that we have a record number of entries (33% up) and that Covid wave 3 has not come. It has to do with our venues and race villages. It does change things a bit. Some changes are quite material, some you will not notice, the rest is actually making things better.

A kind request (actually an instruction) from the Overstrand Municipality to reconsider our venues led to a discussion and a re-routing and positioning of some venues and an offering that could potentially work better. It has meant that we had to change a lot of things in 24 x hours and confirm a multitude of additional suppliers and venues. After all of this, I left Hermanus this afternoon with a happy heart, blown budget and excited mindset.

The biggest change is that our Main Race Village in Central Hermanus by the Old Harbour has had to change. This is sad for us as we really loved the venue and being in the heart of Hermanus. This was out of our control though. 

A number of factors including an expected bumper weekend in Hermanus, safety of athletes, fans and holidaymakers and a sudden surge in Cape Town people heading to Hermanus for a weekend away from smokey Cape Town after the horrible fires on Table Mountain have necessitated this change.

Please CLICK on your event below. It is important to read through the information and make sure to complete the Covid-19 self-diagnosis travel document. If you are competing in more than one event, you only need to complete one Covid-19 self-diagnosis travel document. 

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