What is the events return & refund policy?
  1. Entries and participation at the HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor (HI-TEC WBO) is subject to availability and weather conditions permitting
  2. HI-TEC WBO management reserves the right to cancel an event or all the events at any time due to unfavourable conditions
  3. Inclement weather
    • Participant safety is paramount and events may be cancelled, cut short or routes amended, due to inclement and adverse weather or other conditions.
    • Should HI-TEC WBO cancel or amend the event experience, and this happens within 7days of the event, then no refund shall be given
  1. Cancellation due to Covid 19 or any other pandemic
    • In any case of a cancellation or postponement due to Covid-19, or any other pandemic, or circumstances outside of the control of the HI-TEC WBO organisers, Participants will have the full value of their entry/entries, net of all taxes, administration fees and or commissions if applicable, transferred on to a gift voucher that can be redeemed against a future date. No refunds will be given under these circumstances. This voucher will be redeemable against the future entry fee against the earliest available date where the event could be hosted.
    • Organisers have decided that they will not again cancel the event but merely amend the date to a future date.
  1. Cancellation of services by the Participant
    • If the cancellation occurs more than 60days prior to the event a 25% cancellation fee will apply;
    • If the cancellation occurs between 30 days and 60 days of the event a 50% cancellation fee will apply;
    • If the cancellation occurs between 7 days and 30 days prior to the event a 75% cancellation fee will apply;
    • If the cancellation occurs less than 7 days prior to the event a 100% cancellation fee will apply;
Can we substitute our entry and is there a substitution fee?

You can find a substitution for your 2021 entry and get the full cost from another party. There will be no substitution costs charged. The deadline for substitutions will be (end of March 2021). This can be done by the participants by logging back into the entry and following the steps to complete a substitution

Can I enter and pay for another participant?

Yes –you will, however, you will need their medical and emergency details in order to complete their entry.

Can I enter at the event?

Yes, there are on the day entries available as long asthe event is not sold out yet. Entry fees at the event are more expensive than online.

Are there prizes? Is there prize money? When will I receive the prize money, at the event or via EFT?

All race finishers receive a medal. The top 3 male and female finishers will receive podium prizes per event. Prize money will be awarded to Hi-Tec Dash 4 Cash –the payment will be made via EFT post-event into the winners’ bank account.

Will there be live entertainment?

Yes – Come and join us at the Athletes Party – bring your friends & family! Live performances can be expected by Kurt Darren, Me & Mr Green & That DJ Guy. 


When do entries close?

Entries close an hour before the respective event starts or when the event sells out

Where is the event?

Some events start and finish in the Race Village which is located above the Old Harbour at Hermanus Market Square and other at the cricket field. Please double-check your locations on the programme.

Can I take part in more than 1 event?

Yes, as long as they are not at the same time.

Where is registration?

Please check the event programme to make sure you know where to register.

When can I register?

Registration is from Thursday, 29 April –Monday, 2 May during normal work hours. Exact schedule & times will be shared closer to the event.

What time do the events start?

Please refer to our event times/programme as there are multiple events and start times.

Are there water points?

There is a permanent water point located at the Race Village –start/finish of events. The following events have additional water points on route:

•Mountain Bike Challenge (Saturday & Sunday)

•12km Windsor Cliff Path Run

•Trail Run (Saturday & Sunday)

What time is prize giving for each event? How soon after the event is there prize giving?

Exact times are still TBC, but there will be at least 1 prize giving per day.

How do you manage sharks for the open water swim?

As organisers, we aim to provide athletes with a safe and secure environment and apply as many safety measures as possible. Ocean animal activity is unfortunately out of our control to a large extent;however,we do have boats with spotters on route as well as spotters on the cliff before and during the water events. The NSRI and medical team will also be onroute.

Are there medics?

Yes, medical tent is located inthe marquee in the Race Village and there are medics on route.

Is there a physio service?

Yes, Dial a Physio will be our official physio service and you can book online. 


Who do I contact in case of emergency?

Report to the Info desk at the Race Village who will action accordingly. If medical emergency, you can also report to the medical tent in the Race Village.

When do online entries close?

Online entries close once the event is sold out or 26 April 12h00.

How can I update my details?

If you login to your entry on the MyActive Portal, on the My Registration page you may click on EDIT DETAILS to make changes. NOTE: The following details cannot be edited by the participant – ID number, Name and Surname for security purposes.

I have made a payment but not received confirmation?

If you paid by EFT, please allow 2 –3 working days. If you paid by Credit card this should be instant. For EFT’s still not reflecting, it is possible that either an incorrect Reference number or mismatch in the amount paid is delaying the reconciliation of this payment. Kindly email proof of payment to support@entryninja.com

I would like to change my distance/event choices.

This is an admin/back office task –email or phone:

0870125044 (09:00 -15:00)  | support@entryninja.com

Can I register for multiple people but make one payment?

Yes –once you have created your profile and start entering event you will get the option to add more people.

I requested a refund – how long will this take?

EFT refunds can take 5 working days. Credit card refund will be done on request, however, to reflect on the cardholder’s statement – this varies but at most 10 working days and will always reflect on the original date – the ie same date as the payment date.